Quality check results of WLAD CGPS observation in 2010

Quality check of GPS observation are performed on daily basis, after closing each daily observing session and downloading them (in binary form: B-, E- and S-files) to SRC in Warsaw.
After that, using TEQC software in version 2002Mar14, the binary files are converting to RINEX format and quality check process is performing. As a result we obtain *.qc files for 3 different elevation cut-off angles.
Below you can find four charts ilustrating some summary information from these files.
In order to keep its better readability, these plots are covering one year intervals.
This page contains the results only for the current year (in it's calendar sense).
Similar plots of quality check results for the other yearly periods you can find on the following pages using links located in the bottom of the page.
Each plot contains the results for 3 elevation cut-off angles:
  • blue lines for angle of 5 degrees
  • red lines for angle of 10 degrees
  • green lines for angle of 15 degrees
Each important event, which can influence on the results of GPS data processing and times series of station coordinates is marked by vertical color lines as following:
  • - changing of the antanna type,
  • - changing of the antenna unit, but the same type,
  • - changing of the antenna's cover (instalation, deinstalation or changing its type),
  • - changing of the antenna's cable,
  • - changing of the receiver type,
  • - changing of the receiver's firmware,
  • - changing of the receiver unit, but the same type,

All detailed information concerning above mentioned changes in GPS equipment working on WLAD permanent station are includind in appropriate text files (site-logs), which you can find below.
File name convention of site-logs is the same as used by other permanent GPS services e.g. IGS and EPN and has the following form:

   ssss - is a 4-digit station name abbreviation (e.g. wlad),
   YYYY - year,
   MM - month,
   DD - day of the month,
of creating a log-file and change made in GPS equipment configuration.

wlad20030425.log wlad20031203.log wlad20051107.log wlad20071004.log

Chart 1. Relative numbers (in percentage) of observation recorded during the session to theoretical number which should be available in the session for the specified station location;
 Number of observations

Chart 2. Multipath effects of GPS signals receiving by GPS antenna for both frequencies: L1 and L2;
 Mp1 i Mp2

Chart 3. Total number of observation recorded during observing sessions. You can see some characteristic events like e.g turning-on the new GPS satellites and/or turning-off ones due to it's orbital manoeuvre or failure;
 Number of observations

Chart 4. Characteristic of observation continuity, expressed by number of 'cycle-slips' for specified number of recorded observation;
 Number of observations

Below you can find links to similar quality check plots for the other calendar year periods of WLAD CGPS station activity:
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Last updated on: 2010-06-01