Meteorological observation on WLAD CGPS station

The following meteorological sensors are installed close to GPS equipment, working on WLAD permanent station:
Thermo-higrometer LAB-EL LB-710RHMS and barometer LB-716S. All sensors were callibrated and have actual certificates.

Atmospheric parameters recorded by mentioned above instruments are stored on SRC's data server in binary (lbg), ASCII (CSV) format and in our meteorological database. In addition, these data are also converted, on the daily basis, to the Meteorological RINEX format for using them during GPS data processing. File name convention is the same as used for GPS obs. and nav. data - SSSSDOYs.YYm.
Below chart contains readings of three atmospheric parameters recorded 24 hours in 10 minute time intervals (X scale in UTC time):

Atmospheric parameters: Temperature [ oC], Relative Humidity [%] on the left vertical axe and Pressure [hPa] on the right - readings from the previous day.

Last updated on: 2010-06-01