Water-level staff and tide gauge sensors installed in Wladyslawowo

Water-level staff

Water-level staff in Wladyslawowo was established in 1938, just after the construction of new harbour in 'Wielka Wies' village (at present - Wladyslawowo) was finished. A tide staff (rod) with scales 360-720 cm is fastened to the pier (concrete inner quay). Unfortunately the pre-war observations were lost. In 1947 the observations of sea level on the staff were resumed.
Since 1938 till 2005, to the inner quay near the tide gauge, only one water-level stuff was mounted. During this period it was replaced several times, mainly due to the defects caused by fish cutters. However, each time its' vertical position were established (reconstructed) precisely using geometric levelling based on selected set of harbour's bench-marks (the nearest one is located only a few meters from the staff).
Water-level staff and all tide gauge sensors (as well as CGPS station) in Wladyslawowo are located on the inner quay of the harbour within very few meters distance each other.

Tide Gauge sensors

Floating Tide Gauge type

After the 2nd World War, in 1947 observation of sea level were resumed on a zero value -5.000 m. NN.
Unfortunately, neither an observation data nor dokumentation from that period were not escape of destruction.

On 1st January 1948, the floating tide gauge sensor (stilling well type) was established near the water-level staff. Concrete tube of the tide gauge, located inside of the concrete small building, which was built during the harbour construction (at the end of 30-ties) has an internal diameter 110 cm. In this tube, in it's lower part, a small hole is made (diameter = 2.8 cm, about 1/700 of area of the well) in order to filtering the short-period waves inside the well. However this hole generates also a few-minutes delay of sea level signal relative to the sea level in the harbour basin.

Since 1949, each day, water temperature are measured and drawn sample of water for salinity determination.

Type of sensor: floating gauge - TLPU-10
Type of recording: continuous analogue.

Strips with analogue recordings are sent to the Division of Hydro-Meteorological Service, Maritime Branch, where they are read, checked, verified and stored in electronic form at sea level data-base. Readings of the strips are made with four hours time resolution.

  • Maximum water level recorded in 1947 - 2000: 638 cm
  • Minimum recorded of sea level in 1947 - 2000: 412 cm
  • Maksimum recorded level difference: 226 cm

Location and zero level of the stuff they were not changed in the whole observing interval.
Referring to Kronsztadt frame, zero level is equal -5.076 m. Kr. (since 1966-01-01 - Kronsztadt 1960, from levelling of 1957-58)

Pressure sensor type

At the end of 2002 renovation of the old tide gauge building was made. New pressure sensor AUTOMATECH was installed on tide gauge station and the sea level and water temperature data are recorded since 9th April 2003 - automatic reading of sea level and sea temperature every 10 minutes, - compensation of atmospheric pressure using capillary build-in in the instrument, - automatic data transfer using cellular phone (SMS/e-mail),

Format of Polish sea-level message sent from tide-gauge to ESEAS - (Polish National Center by SMS/e-mail): each 1 hour.
View of the message (an example):

AUTOMATECH St: 2 (Wladyslawowo) D:03 42421 /:50P: 479T: 6/:40P: 479T: 6/:30P 479T: 6/:20P: 479T: 6/:10T: 6/: 0P: 479T: 6

AUTOMATECH - name of company, sold and installed the automatic station for measurement and data transmission on the tide gauge station.
St: - automatic station,
2 - number of automatic station installed in Maritime Branch of IMGW by Automatech,
(Wladyslawowo) - name of the tide gauge,
D: - indicator of group of the date,
03 42421 - date of observation, here: 2003-04-24, hour, here: 21
/:50 - number of minutes past the hour described after the indicator D, here: 50 (it means 21:50),
P: - indicator of group of sea level,
479 - measured sea level in [cm],
T: - indicator of group of sea surface temperature,
6 - sea surface temperature, here 6oC

Charts below presents the actual values of Sea Level and Sea Surface Temperature parameters from pressure tide-gauge sensor, taken directly from the IMGW web-site.

Sea level diagram from preassure tide gauge sensor
Sea surface temperature diagram from preassure tide gauge sensor

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